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Sunflower bird bath.


The back yard Is looking pretty good these days

Pallet Board Benches


Garden markers

After much trial and error, I was finally able to get this craft down. Pounding on metal is a lot of fun and I now own an anvil!


The booth is growing


Robots, fresh off the workbench


Those orange drapes

So I am revamping my living room. The current status of this space was mostly born from a need for me to reclaim my home after a divorce. It involves bright color and in-your-face statement pieces. “I demand to be seen and heard,” it screams. Well, we mustn’t scream inside… it is time for a change. That season is behind me.

So, I started by painting over the red accent wall and front entry door. I choose a wheaty yellow color that is peaceful. The color wasn’t born from reviewing samples and searching my feelings. I simply chose the mistinted high end paint at Lowe’s because it was a fabulous deal and the color was decent. Don’t tell my analytical friend, Trig.

Anyway, I took down my raw silk, super-bright orange drapes as well and put up some more earthy, soothing tones instead. The drapes have sat in my donate box in my chick nook in the garage for several weeks until inspiration hit me Monday night while watching an episode of Downton Abby.

I happily cut circular pieces of them and several other synthetic fabrics and burned the edges to create a petal look.

Hopefully, it will work.

Hopefully, I will get together some finished pieces of the craft for the February craft show.

Update, see one of the finished products below!!


Craft Fair